4 Food items to let go this Holi


Is there one evil food item that you would toss into the Holi bonfire?

On the eve of Holi, a bonfire is set off to denote the burning of the asuri Holika thereby signifying the victory of good over evil. Keeping enthucutlet’s unusual traditions intact, we decided to not give you just another Holi guide. Instead, we asked our team, “If you had to toss ONE ‘evil’ food item into the Holi bonfire – which one would it be?’’

Here’s presenting a whole lot of colourful (mostly harmless) culinary decluttering, by Team enthucutlet.

1. Activated Charcoal
From pizza crusts to soft serves, burger buns to lattes, and the unforgettable tall fancy bottles of activated charcoal water that every celebrity is spotted with – Elizabeth has a major bone to pick with food-grade activated charcoal that has managed to leap over from all the cosmetics she’s been dodging, into all our favourite foods.

2. Nuclear-Coloured Cheese Sauce
Who can resist a crowd pleasing plate of Bombay-style nachos with the signature velvety, orange-hued liquid cheese melting our hearts? Well, Shweta definitely can. The semi-solid processed cheese sauce is her greatest nemesis, and she finds the obsession appalling. Well, if she had to toss that cheese into the fire – you’ll spot a few of us (me!) ready with a BIG pack of chips waiting to dig in!

3. Food Snobbery
Give Sharanya a plate of tandoori momos, or a perfectly cooked steak – you’ve won her over either way. As long as food tastes good, is reasonably priced, and made with no-frills attached – her love is 100% guaranteed! What she doesn’t quite love, however, is all the food snobbery and unreasonable expectations of ‘food authenticity’ that everyone constantly drown themselves in. She’d toss the ‘this classic French mousse is not French enough’ syndrome into the bonfire in a hot second.

4. Biscoff. In. Every. Single.Thing.
In the year 2020, a food blogger and baker Walla Abu-Eid decided to pull out a packet of Lotus Biscoff from his pantry cabinet and make a Biscoff Lasagne without realising its global ramifications. Cut to 3 years later and Biscoff has invaded every single pastry menu. Out went the humble Digestive biscuit Cheesecake crust, in came the cinnamony Biscoff. From milkshakes to brownies, mousses and muffins, to the latest entrant in Indian mithai, the Biscoff Sandesh – Anusha says this needs to be stopped!

We hope you liked this enthuGuide to 4 food items to let go this Holi, brought to you by Team enthucutlet.