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Season 4: Playing With Fire

Fire makes us human; it's part of our evolutionary process. We use air fryers and microwaves to make chicken wings and popcorn; we char our creme brûlées and sev puris with blowtorches; and we make Maggi and chai using electrical kettles in dorm rooms. There is something Pavlovian about turning a knob on a stove. With it, we know we will be fed soon.

Season 4: Playing With Fire

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At enthucutlet we aspire to tell fun, unusual, heart-warming, and surprising stories in the vast realm of food in India. Organized into seasons like your favourite Netflix show, each edition of enthucutlet delves into an idea that is thought provoking and is at the centre of all the features in it. These are contributed by a diverse set of writers ranging from economists, to neuroscientists, to food experts and everyone in between.