enthuViews: All Things Butter!

Having flavoured butter is the one thing that Dhviti dislikes. From Amul’s Garlic and Herbs butter to Sublime’s surprisingly decadent and varied flavours of butter (their Red Chilli, Smoked Salt, and Lime is the most tolerable one), flavoured butter’s a big no-no.

Chef Thomas Straker on his Instagram account does a series of All Things Butter and yes, it is all about flavoured butter, and yes, Dhviti swears by it now. Rather than having various dips and sauces, she prefers whipping up one of his butter recipes and spreading and dipping in it wherever she can. From parathas (the bloody mary butter or the red thai chilli butter is the best pairing) to the unhealthy amount of biscuit cakes made by her ma (best-paired with the coffee and oreo butter or the hot maple butter), Dhviti is all for flavoured butter now.

Find him here!