4 of the Best Hot Sauces in India for 2023 - You must Try


Is there a hot sauce you swear by? Find out enthuTeam's personal hot sauce choices.

For our current season, “Playing with Fire”, we peek into our enthuTeam’s handbags to know what lip-smacking hot-sauce-esque thing they carry for an extra oomph in their meals. There may or may not have been bribes given to pour this info out of them. I don’t sauce and tell.

1. Sameer’s Tajín Clásico
Sameer got introduced to Tajín Clásico when his brother sprinkled some on a plate of roasted chicken. Tajin Clasico is one of the several varieties of condiments sold by the eponymous brand and is made from chilli peppers, lime, and salt. As a “sucker for anything chatpata, khatta, and teekha,” it took a hot minute for this spice mix to be found in Sam’s bag and pantry (what if you’re not at home or forget your bag?!). You will find him sprinkling this chilli lime seasoning on everything from fruits and snacks to even roasted chicken.

2. Roshni’s Bhut Jolokia Chilli Flakes
Starting the next one off with a PSA to all you heat seekers to take the Scoville Heat Unit very seriously on this one. Our in-house hot-sauce connoisseur, Roshni, chooses to carry the planet’s hottest chili* in her bag. A careful whiff of these Bhut Jolokia Chilli Flakes can make your nose red, eyes watery, and ears steamy, but if used well, “a little goes a stupendously long way.” What makes it different from other popular hot sauces is its proper desi chili taste.
Pro tip: Mix it with salt, or sesame oil to stretch its pure heat.

3. Pritika’s Tabasco Bottle
Speaking of the hottest chili ever, we move on to the hot sauce that started it all. The little red bottle with a red plastic cap that you see in almost every restaurant, in India and abroad. A 150-year-old product of McIlhenny Company, the tabasco is Pritika’s go-to condiment. If you ever find her sneakily taking out a bottle of hot sauce in a café, know that she is carrying two bottles (in case the other one runs out).

4. Niketa’s Koro Sambar
Niketa’s choice of hot spice is desi and homemade, something that she first tasted at a friend’s house. You won’t easily find Koro Sambar (a Gujarati pickle masala) in a supermarket as it is a homemade coarse powder made with methi, rai, hing, chili powder, and a choice of oil. Instead, you’ll easily find all the ingredients to make it at home. Unless you’re as lucky as Niketa – her friend’s mother sends her dabbas of this hot, spicy condiment.. which she then conveniently carries in her handbag.


*according to Guinness Book Record Bhut Jolokia is Planet’s hottest chilli from 2007 to 2010


We hope you liked this enthuGuide to 4 of the best hot sauces, brought to you by our enthucutlet team.