Nirulas | enthucutlet


Scour through the goldmine of never-seen-before pictures straight from Nirula's archives drafted in a lovely photo-essay.

While Shirin was writing this story, enthucutlet reached out (with fingers crossed) to Pallavi Nirula Nath. Pallavi is Mr. Lalit Nirula’s daughter, and an entrepreneur in the primary education space. With her father, they mined their albums for archival photographs of the family’s restaurants. The posters and photos they found, and generously shared with us, are such treasures that we decided to make them into a photo essay.

So we went back to Mr. Nirula, and asked him to share his notes on each of these never-seen-before images. Even for folks who have never been to Nirula’s or Chinese Room, these stories are a rollicking trip down decades of Indian dining.