enthuLoves: Do You Stuff Snacks in Your Pockets?

Nicole McLaughlin, a New York based designer, loves to explore upcycling and sustainable fashion. She has transformed camera bags into bralettes, old volleyballs into slippers, and upcycled many such products, in process, starting a dialogue to understand what can we do to change the future. Her food based products are quite interesting and makes Pritika go ‘woah!’ every time she sees her unique work on her cluttered Instagram feed.

McLaughlin has fashioned board shorts from packets of Haribo gummies and baguettes, curated a charcuterie board based bikini set, and a jacket filled with snacks among others.

enthuRates: 4/5 (Some of her work is absolutely mind-blowing, she designs clothes out of other recyclable materials too.)

Check here.