enthuShops: Cocoa Pepita Granola

Shweta’s not someone who likes breakfast granola. She finds it too dry, or too sweet, or too plain or too damn hard to chew through in the morning. But, she also claims to be a victim of food trends and can’t resist a convenient solution to any of her meals. So Shweta’s been trying to find a good granola that would have her excited to dig in. Here’s what she has to say about OGMO Foods’ Cocoa Pepita Granola

“After many brand trials, I landed on some that were sawdust and others that were (thankfully) edible. This Ogmo Cocoa granola is one of my recent discoveries that thankfully fits into the latter.

It’s crunchy, has tiny chunks that are pleasing to chomp through and goes great with almond milk. I’m excited to try the rest of their product range now!”

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